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Rod Pickett has been around trucks his whole life.  His dad had a trucking company and has always done his own custom work.  Rod and his brother Kevin worked on trucks every night and weekend growing up. Rod comes from an artistic family.  His grandpa on his dad’s side built custom homes from the foundation to the cabinets doing 100% of the work all in house.  His grandpa on his mother’s side was a dairy farmer, from raising the calves to the finished milk product in the tank.  Both sides had exceptional work ethic, which was passed down to Rod and Kevin.  Rod opened Pickett Custom Trucks in 1993 in Washington.  He holds a Patent on a few parts including the Pickett elbow from Dynaflex Products.  Producers from Hollywood approached Rod looking for a custom truck builder to do a TV show.  Rod called Bryan Martin from Four State Trucks and they filmed the pilot in 2006.  The ratings were so good that CMT ordered 12 shows immediately and many more to follow.  In 2012, Rod moved to Arizona where his shop resides today; his brother kept his shop in Washington.

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