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1977 359 PETERBILT


Rod bought his 1977 Peterbilt in 1999.  This Peterbilt was originally  ordered new in 1977 by the west coast legend Bill Frampton.  It had over two million miles on it and needed a full restoration.   Rod, along with his dad, brother, and cousin, started with two blank frame rails and continued with every nut, bolt, rivet, wire, hose, paint, chrome,  and stainless until it was 100 percent rebuilt. 

77 359 Peterbilt

2010 389 PETERBILT


To start, the deck plate was smoothed out, a built-in storage box was added, and the sliders were removed.  The 5th wheel was repaired, a full air-ride system was added, as well as a dump valve to the front axle. Additionally, a new rear light bar was installed. Rear half-fenders were given both a new and painted-to-match coat of paint. A custom-built shock cover, a stainless I-panel with lights between the tanks came next, and the air line connections were moved to the back of the truck. Lastly, all of the holes in the truck’s wheels were drilled out to a larger diameter. 

2018 389 PETERBILT


Giving it that “Pickett” touch, the truck was lowered, fitted with Pickett-style oversized hole wheels, a painted drop visor, Pickett’s famous dual square headlights with the blinkers shaved off the ends, and a set of 8-inch Dynaflex stacks with – you guessed it – Pickett elbows.  The breather screens were chopped, and breather light panels, front and back, were added. A 20-inch Valley Chrome bumper with a flip kit, was installed, along with under-glow lights, and a second fuel tank, which both got painted. A painted deck plate with recessed connections was also installed.  Other accessories added were smooth step boxes with billet step plates, painted drop panels, seven grill bars, five cab lights, and polished stainless Hogebuilt full fenders with lights bars, front and rear.

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